A Late Night Run Turns into Love & Marriage

It was Fall 2011 when Emmanuel College started its first ever cross country program. Andrea, a junior at the time, walked on to the team and met an army of 10-15 freshman guys. Ryan was one of those guys. Nearly a year later, in the summer of 2012, Andrea invited Ryan to go for a night run. It was that night that Andrea first felt a spark. She also found out that Ryan was only 10 months younger than her rather than two years! For the next year Ryan's friends consistently tried to set Andrea and Ryan up to no avail. The coach asked Ryan to help train and pace Andrea for a half marathon. Andrea was so excited. For Andrea, this meant that they would get to spend more time together, so she was hoping that Ryan would get up the nerve to ask her on a date! Not long after the race, the two began "talking" and Ryan asked Andrea to the school's formal as their first date! About a month later, while enjoying a late night stroll around campus, Ryan asked Andrea to be his girlfriend. The rest is history.!

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